Donate for the Future

There are more villages in the District that need help with hand pumps, and schools that need improved water supplies. We also want to get more women involved in village water management, so our program of training and support will continue.

Community sanitation is also an issue in the District, and education is as important as providing facilities if sanitation is to be improved. We have plans to start a program to address that as well.

What we can do depends on the generosity of donors. At present we cannot accept donations through the internet. However, checks can be sent to the Nyarkoa Foundation at either of the addresses below and an acknowledgement for tax purposes will be sent by return mail.

Lewis Shapiro                            Barry Shapiro
P.O. Box 80993                         333 E. 43rd St Apt 505
Fairbanks AK 99708                  New York NY 10017